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Dental Implantation is the most popular way to replace a lost tooth for a number of reasons:


How painful is getting a Dental Implant?

You can often hear information that dental implants are painful.  Yes, indeed, 10-15 years ago, this procedure was not very pleasant and quite painful.  Modern dentistry and implantation is a complex therapy using innovative anaesthetics and analgesics. It is also worth noting that 95% of patients do not need additional anesthesia after the completion of the tooth implantation operation.  The implant is inserted into the bone, in which there are no nerve endings, respectively, and there is no pain.  Mild discomfort may still occur at the suture sites.

And with CatchLife Dental dentists in Turkey – real professionals, you can completely forget about the pain.


Before implantation, as before any other operation, it is better to exclude possible risks and undergo a complete medical examination.


Dental implantation in CatchLife Dental in Turkey is carried out by the best dentists, their high qualifications and many years of experience make it possible to guarantee more than 20 years of service for each implant installed with us.

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