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arm lift in Turkey

About the Service

Arm lift surgery is a plastic surgery operation applied to sagging and loosening upper arm skin in parallel with aging and weight loss. You can strengthen your upper arm muscles in this area with arm stretching exercises without surgery, but unfortunately you cannot remove this existing elasticity, fat deposits and even excess skin. Arm Lift Surgery is also known as brachiloplasty in medical literature. In arm lift surgeries, the upper arm contours are reshaped to provide a more proportional appearance by reducing excess skin and fat between the armpit and elbow. Thanks to arm lift surgery, the upper arms look younger and tighter, increasing self-confidence and allowing you to wear short-sleeved clothes easily. If your upper arms are sagging due to excessive weight loss, your upper arm skin is loose, your upper arms are fatter than your lower arms, your upper arms are out of proportion to your lower arms, if your upper arms do not recover despite arm stretching exercises, you can have arm lift surgery. In arm lift surgery, first, the excess, fat, skin and subcutaneous tissue in the inner part of the problematic arm is removed, and then the arm lift operation is terminated in a way that ensures the natural and youthful appearance of the arms as before. Sometimes liposculpture methods can be included in the operation as auxiliary methods in arm lift surgeries. Your doctor will make the best choice for you, and the operation will begin with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The length and form of the incision to be made into the arm varies according to the amount of skin to be removed. Depending on the surgeon’s preference, the incisions are made on the inside or the back of the arm and are made only in the area from the elbow to the armpit. After the incision, liposuction or different fat transfer methods are applied to remove the fatty part. Arm muscles and fatty tissue are reshaped and closed phase is started. Arm lift incisions are usually closed with removable or absorbable sutures. You will have a very comfortable period after arm lift surgery. Swelling and bruising in your arms and a very mild numbness in these areas will be observed in approximately 2 weeks. The healing time of the first wound is observed in 5 to 10 days. 2 weeks after the operation, the swelling dissipates, and the incision lines begin to fade. In the meantime, the patient can return to his normal life. After arm lift surgery, heavy physical sports activities should be avoided for 2 months. You can maintain your rejuvenated appearance with lifelong weight control and arm exercises. In addition, a healthy lifestyle also benefits longevity of results.