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About the Service

The neck area is one of the areas where signs of aging are first felt, such as the face. In addition, although at a young age, we can observe neck sagging that develops due to genetic reasons or weight gain. Those who experience wrinkles, deflated balloon appearance, sagging and loss of form on their neck, those who experience deformation in their neck muscles, those who have turkey neck appearance and those who have sagging salivary glands can have neck lift surgery. Loose, deflated balloon appearance in the neck, excess fat tissue, muscle structure that has succumbed to gravity, deformities called turkey neck and prominent tickle structure are among the main subjects of neck lift operations. It would often be wrong to keep neck aesthetics separate from facial aesthetics. The neck is a continuation of the face and rejuvenation works should be done as a whole. If these problems in the neck area are also present in the face area, much more striking and effective results are obtained with the operation performed together. Within the Catch Life Aesthetic we classify possible neck aesthetic problems according to the degree of deformities and perform different applications such as Surgical Neck Lift, Non -Surgical Spider Web Aesthetics, Ultherapy, Mesotherapy with Hyaluronic Acid, Secret and PRP applications. When neck lift operations are considered in the surgical procedure, we suggest that the neck region is expressed as a continuation and inseparable part of the face and performed together with face lift operations. In neck lift surgery, which starts under local or general anesthesia, an incision is made starting from the front of the ears to the back of the ear, towards the hair area and to the natural jaw line. The sagging and out-of-form muscle structure is tightened, excess fat tissue and excess skin are cut and removed in accordance with the existing structure. The reshaped neck is closed by stitching again from the incisions. A small amount of edema and bruising may occur after neck lift surgery. Depending on the condition of our patient, it may be recommended to stay overnight or return home after the operation.


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