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Dental implants

When it comes to restoring lost teeth, the best solution is prosthetics on dental implants. Implantation allows you to restore the tooth in its most natural shape so that you do not feel the difference between dental implants and your own teeth.

Services that we provide

Operation time

15 – 40 min

Recovery Duration

3 – 4 month


15 years


Local or local with sedation

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

  • Price (GBP £)
  • Single Dental implant from £450
  • All-on-4 implantations from £3850
  • All-on-6 implantations from £4950

Procedure Overview

A Dental Implant is called an artificial tooth root (made of titanium) that is inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth. Then the dental crown is fixed to it through the abutment (a small adapter between the implant and the crown).

The design of a dental implant consists of two parts: the implant itself and the abutment.  Almost everyone sooner or later faces the need to remove a tooth.

The procedure is performed depending on the condition of your jawbone and the number of missing teeth.

Indications For Dental Implantation

Dental Implants without contraindications can be used to treat patients from the age of 18 (when the skeletal system is fully formed and the bone density is sufficient for implantation of an artificial root) and ending at 70-80 years. The upper border is limited only by the state of health – the ability of its tissues to regenerate.

Preparation For Dental Implantation

These stages can be shortened or extended, depending on the ascending state of the teeth. Also, depending on the initial situation, different types of implants(by materials, design, manufacturer) and implantation programs (one- or two-stage) can be offered.

Advantages of implants:

High chewing potential.  The reliability of a bridge or crown is much less than an implant, so when installing them, you need to avoid an extensive list of products for which these structures are “too tough”.  With implants, you eat everything just like with natural teeth – without any restrictions.

Cosmetics.  A dental implant fits perfectly into the dentition and it is almost impossible to distinguish it from “native” teeth, which cannot be said about dental bridges. 

Durability.  A quality implant placed by a good dentist is likely to last you a lifetime.  Yes, it has a 10-year warranty, but statistically, it lasts much longer. This is a radical solution to the problem, and you can no longer remember about it. Both bridges and crowns don’t last that long.

Preservation of adjacent teeth. The implant is a universal and autonomous design, and to install the bridge, you have to grind down adjacent teeth and increase the load on them.

Natural sensations. After the final installation of the implant, you will not feel it in your mouth, as is the case with the installation of removable dentures, which take a long time to get used to.

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This was my first time at this clinic and I really enjoyed it. Stylish interior, friendly staff. You go inside and feel like you're on vacation.
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I advise the clinic to everyone - cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and professional approach are the best qualities of the clinic.

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