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About the Service

Forehead lift surgery, also called surgical eyebrow lift, is an operation that pulls the sagging skin on a person’s forehead to the point where it should be. While repositioning the underlying forehead muscles and tissues, it revitalizes the eyelids and creates a softer, younger expression on the upper face. By removing excess sagging, skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, a forehead lift can correct a heavy, sagging brow, eliminate deep furrows, and restore a smoother, more youthful contour to the upper one-third of the face. We know very well that the effects of aging are inevitable, and this problem usually first manifests itself in the eyebrow and forehead area. In this process, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Sun, wind and gravity affect the face, making the frown lines clear, causing the forehead to wrinkle and the eyebrows to fall with this increasing weight. Although this situation develops due to age, it can sometimes be observed in individuals in their thirties due to genetic predisposition, and they may have faces that look older than they are. Forehead lift or eyebrow lift surgery is an application that eliminates all these problems. Forehead lift / Eyebrow lift is a surgical procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of drooping eyebrows, to form a tight forehead and around the eyes. It pulls up drooping eyebrows, removes deep grooves and lines on the forehead, and gives the eyes a youthful, lively expression. In these surgeries, an incision is made on the hairline, behind the hairline, above the eyebrow or in the middle of the forehead. After these surgeries, there are no visible scars. The scars are in point size hidden between the hairy tissues. Although it is a surgery preferred by individuals between the ages of 40 and 65, it can also be performed on younger individuals if necessary. For healing process, it can be said that swelling may occur within a few days following the eyebrow lift surgery. These symptoms typically last about 10 days. It is important to keep your head elevated for at least one to two weeks after treatment, this will prevent edema formation. It is very natural to feel slight numbness and itching during the healing process in small incisions.