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Penis enlargement is an aesthetic operation performed in order to eliminate the appearance and function problems of the individual’s penis due to congenital or subsequent factors. It is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the purpose of increasing the quality of the sexual life of the individual. The problems experienced in individuals are generally that the penis is short or thin or curved.

What is Penis Enlargement?


In order for the sexual life between partners to be of good quality, both parties must have self-confidence. When men have a situation in their genitals that they do not like, this problem can lead to sexual dysfunctions. Penis enlargement is an important operation to increase the quality of life of individuals, to increase the happiness and commitment of family life.

How is Penis Enlargement Made?

Before the penis enlargement operation of the individual, the necessary controls should be made by the urology specialist. The things that the individual is uncomfortable with and want to change are listened to. The procedure is planned when no health problems are detected after the controls on the individual.

What are The Penis Surgery Methods?

There are different aesthetic procedures to achieve the desired appearance of the penis. These operations performed under general anesthesia:


      • Penis thickening

      • Penis lengthening

      • Correction of penis curvature

    It should be known that more than one aesthetic problem can be solved during the operation, as each procedure can be performed in penis enlargement operation.

    Penis Lengthening Operation

    There are two different types of operations performed to lengthen the penis. In one of these, the ligaments in the connective tissues between the penis and the pelvis are cut according to certain stages. In this way, the root part of the penis is pulled forward and a larger image is obtained.

    In another technique, the fat in the root of the penis is removed by liposuction, and this tissue can even be used as a filling material to correct the curvature of the penis or increase its thickness.

    The doctor determines which operation will give a more positive result for the individual. The doctor knows how the result of the procedure will be.

    Penis Enlargement Operation

    There are different methods to thicken the penis, which is congenitally thin or becomes thinner over time due to obesity. These:

    • Fat transfer

    • Filling injection

    • Tissue transfer

    Fat Transfer

    Fat tissue is taken from the individual’s own body with the liposuction technique, and it is turned into a filling material by centrifugation. This filling material, which is then injected under the skin evenly, makes the penis thicker.

    Individuals and doctors mostly prefer the fat transfer process. However, the best doctor decides which solution is most suitable for an individual. 

    Individuals who have fat transfer lose 40-50% of the transfered fat over time. This amount is affected by factors such as steroid use, active life, spending time in jobs that require a lot of effort, and heavy exercise program.

    Filler Injection

    When there is not enough fat tissue in the body of the individual, a subcutaneous injection is made using filling material. It is a technique performed in a short time under local anesthesia.

    Correcting Penis Curvature

    Penis curvature may develop later or be congenital in individuals. In order to detect this situation, it is checked whether the penis is straight during an erection and whether it is bent to the right or left. If individuals experience pain during sexual intercourse, then the problem can be corrected by plastic surgery. During the surgery, an artificial erection is provided to keep the penis erect and the success of the procedure is checked. If the penis does not have a very serious curvature, there will be no reduction in size, but the opposite is also possible. In this case, penis enlargement can also be performed during the same operation.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Penis enlargement Surgery

    Why Choose Turkey for Penis Enlargement?

    Although our clinic, which provides services in aesthetic operations in Turkey, provides a low-budget service compared to many other countries, the process is progressing in an ultra luxurious manner. First of all, individuals should know that they will be operated in operating room conditions by Turkey’s most famous plastic surgeons, and this will be performed  in one of the most prestigious and fully equipped hospitals in the country.

    Individuals who set their appointment date are booked into a luxury hotel room. The individual, who lands at the airport, is taken to the hotel with his belongings by the private driver in a VIP vehicle. On the way back, it is left to the airport in the same way. The whole process is planned by the clinic staff in the most comfortable way.

    How Long Does the Result of Penis Enlargement Last?

    The result of penis enlargement operation is permanent, generally. However, individuals need to maintain their weight level. With weight gain, fat can be stored in the root of the penis and the penis may become smaller. In this case, the result can be obtained by re-processing. Creating an exercise plan and eating a healthy diet helps the result to be longer.

    What is The Success Rate Of Penis Enlargement?

    The success rate in penis enlargement operation is quite high. In the application of fat injection to very rare individuals, the body absorbs more fat than necessary and the expected thickness cannot be obtained. In this case, a successful result is obtained by repeating the process. There is no harm in performing the treatment again.

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