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Breast lift in Turkey

If you want to correct the shape of your breast, visit our clinic in Turkey. We offer the best breast lift in a short time and at a low cost. It will help you not only change your appearance but also will add self-confidence. That is why if you plan to make your body more attractive, contact CachLife Aesthetic clinic.

Types of Breast Lift

Peri-Areola Lift

Vertical Lift

Anchor Lift

Treatment overview

Operation Time

1 day 

Hospital Staying

1 day 

Recovery Duration

1 – 2 weeks



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Cost of breast lift

Breast Lift

£1.800 – £2.800

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Turkish clinics provide reasonable prices for a breast lift. That is why most patients from all over the world choose this country to have surgery done. The cost of living in Turkey allows our clinic to offer a low cost for operation. As a result, you will get quality surgeon’s work at a reasonable price.


  • Women who want to correct the shape and appearance of their breasts.
  • Patients with sagging breasts after losing weight.
  • Women who want to lift breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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What is a breast lift?

Breast lift is the surgery that helps to improve the appearance of your breast. It is a quick and an excellent option for women who are not satisfied with the changing of their bodies. It can cause such problems as a rejection of their appearance and decreased self-confidence. That is why we advise such a simple solution as a breast lift. There are three types of this operation. Let us tell you more about them.

Peri-areola lift

This type is suitable for patients who need slight correction of breasts. Also, this procedure does not provide a big incision. As a result, you will get an invisible scar after the operation. The surgeon will do a small incision on the top of half of the areola to replace it for a better appearance. This type of operation also provides a combination of lifting with augmentation of breasts.

Vertical lift

Vertical lift

A vertical lift provides removing the excess skin and reshapes the form of beasts. The surgeon will do two incisions. The first of them will be around the age of the areola. The second incision will run vertically from the areola to the mammary fold. The benefit of this method is hidden scars. For this reason, you will get a perfect result without any visible consequences of the operation.

Anchor insection

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This type of lifting is the best option for patients with considerable sugging of the beasts. The surgeon will remove excess skin together with sagging tissue. The operation provides three incisions: around the areola, vertically from the areola to the mammary fold and along the mammary fold. The scars will be less visible after time. Also, you will be able to hide them under a bikini top.

Recovery period

The operation takes around 90 minutes. Then you need to follow several rules during the recovery period. They include avoiding activity and hard work, caring about the wounds, maintaining healthy body weight. Also, you will need to wear a special corset that will support the shape of your breast after surgery.

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Mary Read More
I had a procedure for facelift and rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté in this clinic. The procedure exceeded all my expectations. Immediately after, the face tightened as the doctor promised, the nasolabial fold smoothed out and the oval tightened well.
They have a cozy atmosphere and a warm welcome. Recommend.
Ann Read More
This was my first time at this clinic and I really enjoyed it. Stylish interior, friendly staff. You go inside and feel like you’re on vacation.
Brian Read More
I advise the clinic to everyone – cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and professional approach are the best qualities of the clinic.

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