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leg thinning in Turkey

About the Service

It is the removal of regional fat accumulations in the leg by liposuction from that area. It can always be applied. It is an ideal surgery to get rid of your resistant fat areas, especially after you reach a stable weight with a healthy life, sports and diet. Before the operation, medical information is obtained about the person, and a general body examination is performed. The areas where fat will be taken are determined. Care should be taken that there is no excess skin. Skin elasticity is checked. The incision sites are determined. Appropriate photography is done. There are conventional, ultrasonographic and laser-assisted liposuction methods. The most classic is the conventional one to draw oil with the help of metal rods called cannula. In other methods, laser or ultrasound energy is given through the same incisions. Fat cells are broken down and oils are easily aspirated. These methods are easier and more effective and provide faster recovery. It can be performed under general anesthesia or under local + sedation. It takes 1-2 hours, depending on the number of areas to be operated on. More than one 0.5 cm holes are opened from the places where the scars will not be visible near the areas to be applied. At first, special liquids prepared for oil pulling are injected. The purpose of this is pain and bleeding control. Appropriate cannulas are placed, and fat is withdrawn from that area with reciprocating movements that cut each other perpendicularly. A special corset is worn on the applied areas. After the surgery, nutrition begins early. After feeding, the patient is carried out. The drain is not used. The patient is discharged on the same day. There may be pain, swelling and bruising in the operation area. Bathing is allowed within 2 days. Special corset is worn for 4-6 weeks. The patient can return to work in five to seven days. Heavy activities are allowed after 1 month. A special diet is recommended after the surgery. Results are permanent. It is necessary to pay attention to gain weight, because fat cells can store unlimited fat. Although the number of fat cells decreases, the remaining fat cells can return to their old appearance by storing excess fat in excess weight gain. However, it is a repeatable operation. There may be undesirable effects due to general anesthesia or surgery. Irregularities may be seen in the surgical area. To minimize this, it is necessary to use a regular corset. If you do not pay attention to your fluid intake and diet after the procedure, the success rate will decrease.