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mini tummy tuck in Turkey

About the Service

Mini abdominoplasty, the navel of the location of the change over the abdominal skin and fat removal of tissue, a method to obtain a flat stomach with the tightening of the underlying muscles. With this method, it is also possible to get rid of post-natal cracks under the belly button. It can be applied to both men and women. A tummy tuck is a contour correction surgery, not a weight loss surgery. In the abdominal tissue, it is necessary to have more skin sagging and excess fat tissue in the underbelly area. Patients with loose abdominal muscles due to childbirth, skin cracks in the lower part of the navel, and abdominal fat tissue that sags and does not go away despite weight loss are suitable candidates. Candidates considering pregnancy are recommended to postpone the surgeries until after pregnancy. Before the operation, detailed medical information and abdominal examination are made about the person. Drugs used, additional diseases, previous surgeries and pregnancy history are learned. Abdominal measurements are made, and necessary photo shoots are made. Final plans are made with drawings just before the operation. It is done under general anaesthesia. It starts with a linear incision in the bikini area, extending from both pelvises, and having an inclination in the form of underwear. Excess skin and adipose tissue are removed, and the lower abdominal muscles are tightened both above and below the navel. The location of the belly button is not changed. The operation time is 1-2 hours. A drain can be placed. Appropriate dressing is done, and a special corset is put on. After the operation, feeding begins after a few hours. After feeding, the patient is carried out. In the beginning, you should walk slightly forward. Your drains will be removed in a few days. One day hospitalization is required. Bathing permission is given after discharge. Light work can be done when you get home. Returning to work takes approximately 10-14 days. The corset is used continuously for 1 month. Heavy activities and sports can be done after 1 month. Liposuction often accompanies it to achieve a more beautiful abdominal contour. It can be applied to the abdominal tissue, both hips, side fat pads, and back. In the same session, breast surgery can be added according to the complaints of the person. There may be undesirable effects due to general anesthesia or surgery. Since the abdominal tissue will be tense, wound healing problems may occur. Therefore, you should be in effective communication with your doctor before and after the surgery. Incision scars will be permanent, but they are placed in the laundry line and scar treatment can be applied by your doctor when necessary.