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About the Service

A person’s facial features play a very important role in his or her recognition in society and in distinguishing them from others. The beauty criteria of people are related to proportional organ distribution and the percentage of tissue present therefore the golden ratio comes into prominence. Although the nose, mouth, cheeks, lips, eye color and hair on the face are not examined separately in the first place, they serve as an inseparable part of the whole face in total. Here, the most important elements in the golden ratio are the triangular shape of the chin and the cheeks. Hollywood cheek aesthetics is an application that transforms the face from a U-shape to a V-shape and makes the cheekbones more prominent. It provides you the golden ratio based on Hollywood cheek aesthetics, protruding cheekbones and a thin chin area. Hollywood cheek aesthetics, which is often referred to as Bichectomy, triangular face operation and also V face operation, is also frequently applied on faces where the contour of the face is square and where the fat pad on the cheeks is too much. This operation can be expressed as the removal of excess fat pads 1 cm away from the cheek area, just inside the mouth, without leaving any traces on the visible outer surface of the cheeks. These removed fat pads cause plump cheeks to descend, cheekbones to protrude, and the chin to appear smaller. These operation lasts average of thirty minutes under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia depending on the request and the general condition of the patient. We recommend that unless it is a very extreme example, the cheeks should not be removed before the age of twenty or twenty-five because the thickness of the fat layers and the fullness of the cheeks decrease at later ages. The planning of patients’ cheeks must be personalized and done with great care. In particular, the age of the patient, the dimensions of the chin and cheekbones form the basis of the amount of fat to be removed. Under a personalized plan, your plastic surgeon will start the process after examining your face total. For this reason, do not forget that the experience of your plastic surgeon is important in this regard.