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360 Body Lift Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that uses stretching to eliminate drooping skin, particularly in the abdominal area, from persons who lost weight fast and delivered birth. 360 Body Lifting is a procedure to removing the excess sagging skin following weight loss, not weight loss itself.

Those who choose to undergo surgery are expected to have a mass-height index of less than 30. It is a sagging skin treatment based on postpartum sagging skin and quick weight loss that works by extending the muscles in the belly and returning it to a fit look.

Professional hospitals can do the procedure under general anaesthetic. The procedure takes between 4-6 hours.

The abdominal muscles are stretched by pushing the adipose tissue through an incision created 8-10 cm below the belly button during the procedure. Aside from not being a weight reduction procedure, liposuction may be used for aesthetic appearance and healing following surgery.

Weight gain and loss following surgery might degrade the cosmetic look and potentially render the procedure ineffective. As a result, individuals who have had surgery should monitor their food and exercise habits following surgery.

FAQ About 360 Tummy Tuck Operation

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Body Lift Surgery?

Body lift surgery is a procedure used to treat skin sagging caused by a variety of factors. This operation takes an average of two hours to perform. The operation’s time may vary depending on the treated region.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Body Lift Surgery?

Patients recover after body lift surgery on an average of 15-20 days. Full recovery takes 30-40 days. The intended picture emerges instantly after the surgery. The post-healing and post-operative images are extremely similar.

Does It Come Back After A Body Lift?

This condition may reoccur if individuals do not pay attention after having body lift surgery for skin sagging. That is why you should listen to your doctor’s advise. If the skin droops again, the procedure must be repeated.

Is Drooping Skin Bad For Your Health?

Skin sagging is not a particularly dangerous condition for the body. However, among the dangers of this condition are skin problems. Some skin illnesses may be more common. Furthermore, it is an operation that should be performed for self-confidence and self-assurance.

Is There A Chance Of Dying As A Result Of Body Lift Surgery?

Skin sagging can be treated in a variety of ways. There is no danger of mortality during therapy, regardless of whatever procedure your doctor prescribes. Furthermore, body lift surgery is a straightforward, risk-free procedure.

How Common Is Body Lift Surgery Failure?

Body lift surgery is quite successful. Almost 90% of the procedures are high-success operations. The patient should also follow the doctor’s suggestions following the procedure to maximize the chances of success.

Is Exercise Good For Reducing Skin Sagging?

According to doctors, sports have a significant impact on the treatment of sagging skin. During the procedure, you can tighten the drooping skin by gathering it with sports and exercises.

As a result, your body gains a suitable look and becomes more attractive. Your body will heal quicker if you follow the sports program recommended following the skin sagging therapy.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Body Lift Surgery?

Body lift surgery can be used to treat drooping skin in the abdomen in persons who have recently lost weight or given birth. This surgery is available to everyone with a mass and height index of less than 30. Those who wish to appear fit might seek treatment for drooping skin in various places of the body from a professional.

360 Tummy Tuck Operation in Turkey

Individuals who want to have 360 Tummy Tuck operation in Turkey can experience a comfortable process by choosing our clinic. All you have to do is call our clinic and set your appointment date. The contact information you need is available on the Contact Us page of our website. Before creating your appointment date, you can get as much information as you want about everything you wonder about the process.

After making your appointment, the clinic staff will book a private, luxury hotel room for you. In this way, you and your companion, if any, will feel comfortable during the hospital and post-hospital recovery period.

When you arrive at the airport, your private driver will drop you off at your hotel with your belongings and on your way back, he will drop you off from your hotel to the airport.

We recommend that you check in to your hotel at least 1 day before your appointment date to meet with your doctor in a rested manner. When your appointment time comes, you will meet your doctor at the clinic. Your doctor will do all the necessary health screenings for you. In this way, if there are any possible complications related to the operation or if the health of the individual will be at risk, it can be decided not to perform the surgery beforehand. If all health conditions seem appropriate, preparations for surgery are started. Your doctor will inform you in detail about the process beforehand. You can get detailed information about the price and process by calling our office.

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