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Modern aesthetic medicine in Turkey can offer many options for restoring youthful skin.  One of the techniques is a facelift. It allows you to restore the youth and beauty of the skin – isn’t this the dream of every woman?

how much does a facelift cost in turkey?

Face Lift


Surgical and non-surgical facelift in Turkey is performed by qualified specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. CatchLife Aesthetic Clinic uses the latest rejuvenation techniques to achieve the desired result in the most effective and safe way.

Our clinic has surgeons who are fluent in modern rejuvenation techniques. Each doctor specializes in his field, which allows him to master in detail the technique of correcting age-related changes.

Competitive prices, regular promotions and bonus offers enable people from different countries to use the services of the best plastic surgeons and cosmetologists in Turkey.

Fast facts about facelift in turkey

Face lift

Indications for surgery are deep wrinkles, a swollen oval of the face, drooping cheekbones and cheeks, loose skin and the presence of a large amount of adipose tissue on the chin, neck and other areas. Depending on the volume of intervention, the duration of rehabilitation after a face and neck lift may vary.

Rhytidectomy is a classic surgical method of a facelift. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts 1.5–4.5 hours. The surgeon makes an incision in the temple area and leads it along the auricle. If a double chin is to be corrected, an additional incision is made under the lower jaw. The skin is separated, if necessary – the doctor removes excess tissue and subcutaneous fatty tissue. After that, the skin is tightened.

What is the recovery process of face lift (rhytidectomy) surgery?

After facelift surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for about 1-2 days.  Before the patient is discharged, a special fixation bandage is put on him, which covers the neck and part of the head. It should be worn for several days.

When are stitches removed after a facelift? They are removed at the follow-up examination of the surgeon after about 2 weeks. After the operation, tingling and a feeling of skin tension, slight discomfort are possible. All this goes by itself. Bruises disappear in about 2 weeks. You can evaluate the final result after the intervention in about a month when the swelling has completely subsided.

Rehabilitation after a facelift surgery:

Face lift

If you are considering a facelift or want information about other rejuvenation methods, make an appointment with specialists at the CatchLife Aesthetic Clinic in Turkey.

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